CircleUp’s Call to Action

Effective this week, here is what we are doing internally:

  • One way to do this: Contact your congressperson (look them up HERE) by calling them (numbers HERE) and ask them to co-sponsor Ayanna Pressley & Ilhan Omar’s police brutality resolution.
  • Better Allies newsletter: provides 5 actions we as individuals & teams can take each week to foster a more inclusive workplace
  • Campaign Zero: a comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions

Here are some of the external actions we are taking:

  • We stand together. We support anti-racism. We support police reform. This is not a time for silence. #BlackLivesMatter #EntrepreneursEndingRacism #GeorgeFloyd



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Ryan Caldbeck

Ryan Caldbeck

Founder and Executive Chairman @CircleUp. Follow me on Twitter @ryan_caldbeck